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Olive skin

If your complexion is slightly beige with yellow undertones and you look good in warm colours like yellow, orange and warm brown, chances are you have olive skin. Olive skin is a great asset, because it tends to hide blemishes well, and is fairly resilient, however you need to find the best skin products to ensure you look after your skin.

Still, the more you learn about your olive skin, the better you'll be able to take care of it, and keep it looking great for years!

Olive skin is found on people from lots of different ethnic backgrounds. People with olive skin may come from Mediterranean countries like Italy, the South of France, Turkey, or Spain; from Mid-European countries like Belgium, France, Latvia, Estonia or Germany; or Scandinavian countries like Norway, Finland, or Russia. People with olive skin can have blue, green or brown eyes, and will have anything from dark blond to black hair.

If you have olive skin, you'll find that your skin hides blemishes well, and that when you're out in the sun, you'll tan well and readily. This doesn't mean that prolonged sun exposure doesn't pose a health threat to you, just that since your flesh contains more melanin it's better able to protect itself from the most harmful rays. You'll also have slightly larger pores than those with very fair complextions, and will be less likely to have a problem with dryness. Your flesh tends to age well, forming fewer wrinkles than your fairer counterparts, but the wrinkles formed will be deeper. Your thicker dermis and subcutis also mean that you are at more of a risk for sagging and jowls in later life.



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