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What is L-Glutamine?

So what is L-Glutamine? It is an amino acid, typically found in high-protein foods such as fish, beans, meat, and dairy products. The research shows a number of promising outcomes from supplementing with L-Glutamine, including:

  • During high-intensity exercise, Glutamine has been shown to decrease the incidence of infections - crucial for athletes training hard.
  • Glutamine may have a positive impact on heart disease, providing some protection for those with coronary heart disease.
  • Glutamine supplementation increases HGH output significantly, elevating alkaline reserves as well as plasma growth hormone.
How do I use it?

So how much do you need to take and when? High-intensity training significantly reduces the body's supply of glutamine, so you need to replace it. As with many nutrients, supplementing before training may be more effective than simply replacing it once it is depleted. Indeed, the presence of Glutamine may help facilitate the release of HGH during training.

Although many protein recovery drinks contain up to five grams of glutamine, in the research two grams of Glutamine has proven effective in increasing HGH - it is probably not necessary to take any more than that for it to prove effective.

So if you're looking for a performance edge, you might want to consider L-Glutamine - just think, you'll be in at the ground floor before the big manufacturers start hyping it up!

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