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How to stay awake

Why not find out just how to stay awake and to combat fatigue. or to combat fatigue. AWAKE (a fatigue management consultancy) have created a simple formula to allow people to calculate the times of day when they are likely to feel sleepy and when they are likely to be most alert.

The formula is


  • Where CDA stands for 'circadian dip in alertness' - a natural daily drop in your alertness and which will vary from person to person.
  • Where CT stands for 'chronotype' - the timing of a person's natural biological rhythms (sometimes referred to as biorhythms).
  • Where KF stands for 'knacker factors' - this refers to to habits that are likely to induce sleepiness (for example no rest or drinking alcohol)
  • The result is TMT, or '(the) time (when an individual is likely to be) most tired'.

This research followed a simple survey that found over 40% of people feel tired at work at various times. In the survey, 50%+ also admitted to making mistakes while tired and an even more shocking 62% said fatigue affected their social life.

In fact both Male and female correspondents reported that they experienced fatigue in different ways. Men saying that they made mistakes when tired; 62% of women saying they were irritable.



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