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Moving on after a break up

The act of healing and moving on after a break up is one of the most challenging things we do in our lives. The pain, anger, depression and disillusionment experienced at the end of a relationship means that there is a tendency to focus on the negative and cling to the past. Often, truly moving on after a break up can take years, as a slow, gradual healing process takes place.

This is not unnatural, but unfortunately, it can lead to years of unhappiness and lost opportunities as the affected person moves through their pain and into their future. The good news is that while moving on after a break up can take a long time, it doesn't have to if you take charge of your recovery process.

The are 4 key steps to fast tracking your way to moving on after a break up and opening yourself up to happiness asap! Following the steps takes courage and conviction, but ultimately they will help you move more quickly through the phases of grief so you can get started on your brighter future.

The first step is to face up to the reality of what's happened. Though denial is a natural and normal part of the recovery process, it doesn't help you to spend too long denying what's happened. So by looking reality in the face, you will best prepare yourself for dealing with it instead of running from it.

The next step is to accept what has happened. As difficult as this may be, living in the reality that is, rather than the reality you wish was, will help you make wise choices that will help you move forward.

The third step is to recognize the lessons you've learned from both the relationship and the break up. This will help you discover what you need as an individual, meaning that you'll make strong choices in the future.

Lastly, you need to take time to focus on yourself and creating a new life for yourself that reflects your values. The best way to attract new love into your life is by investing making yourself the best you can be!



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