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Fitness jobs online

There's no doubt that looking for fitness jobs online is one of the most effective ways of finding work in this popular field.

There are lots of options for employment, and as with any field, fitness jobs need a combination of training and experience to break in or make career progress. You will find opportunities for work in numerous different places - looking for fitness jobs online will turn up work opportunities that include gyms and health clubs, hotel gyms, health resorts, spas, on cruise ships, or large organisations that provide workout facilities for their employees.

Most people start out as instructors of one kind or another - this can involve working with clients either one on one, or teaching groups such as classes. Instructors teach across a range of different areas - it's not just about gym work. With the right qualifications and experience you can teach a variety of classes including:

  • Keep fit
  • Aquacise
  • Weight training
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Boxercise
  • Circuit training
  • Aerobics
  • Spinning

However, the starting point for many people looking for fitness jobs online is working in a gym. Duties typically involve conducting fitness assessments for new clients, providing inductions, and designing workout programs. This will include duties such as showing clients how to use exercise machines and free weights safely, and supervising workouts.

All of these different positions require appropriate training and qualifications - the entry level qualification is typically the Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing.

This will allow you to get started in the business, and allow you to get the valuable experience you need while deciding what area you want to specialise in - for example, do you prefer teaching group classes, or would you rather be a personal trainer, working with people one on one?

If you want to work as a personal trainer, you will need a Level 3 qualification and entry into the Fitness Register. However, you will also find that jobs are just as competitive in any specialist field, whether you want to be a yoga teacher or a leisure centre manager.

While a good job search should involve looking for all opportunities, such as looking on local papers or writing to prospective employers that you have identified, the vast majority of positions will be listed on the internet.

There are several sites that specialize in these positions including the National Register of Personal Trainers and Leisure Opportunities. In addition to these main sites, don't forget to simply google for your chosen career field and see what you can dig up.

Because this is a competitive field, you will dramatically increase your chances of success if you are prepared to relocate. However, whether you are looking nationwide or close to home, the rules for success remain the same - a compelling resum? that highlights your experience, your training and your qualifications.



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