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Intensity ? the key to improved performance

Despite the many hours spent exercising, large numbers of people fail to make significant progress from their workouts. Lack of intensity may be the major culprit.

I was watching a guy training in the gym the other day. On the surface he appeared to be working quite hard, but a closer examination revealed that he was not utilizing the three key principals that underlie all successful strength training - Intensity, Failure and Adaptation. Result? He was wasting a whole lot of time and effort.

The workout he was doing covered all the major upper body muscle groups, but I was struck by three things, all of which are related:

  • The length of his workout (well over an hour).
  • The number of sets he was performing (at least fifteen per muscle group).
  • How easy each individual rep was (nothing above 6 or 7 out of 10 for intensity).
Of the three pillars of resistance training - Intensity, Failure and Adaptation - he was ignoring every one. And the more I watched, the more I looked around the gym, the more I realized that probably 90% of people ignore these crucial principles.

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