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E-lifts to boost performance - the wrap up

By adding this explosive movement on all push and press exercises you will recruit more muscle fibers than with slow movements - your muscles are made up of both slow and fast muscle fibers, and traditional slow lifting only uses the slow ones. By recruiting both you more fully develop strength, power, and size - that why E-Lifts provide better results.

This technique can be used with any type of press or push exercise - examples of this would include:

  • Bench press (or any chest press - incline, machine, dumbbell, etc)
  • Shoulder presses (machine, barbell, dumbbell)
  • Leg presses (including squats)
  • Calf raises
For athletes and sports people these can add more explosive power to your movements, while for anyone looking to add more bulk, performing these from time to time will ensure that you maximise growth by recruiting all the muscle fibres.

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