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Endless Pools

Enjoy all the fitness benefits of swimming pools by with our professional quality lap pool, year round, right at home.

Endless Pool's compact 8' x 15' modular design fits into existing spaces such as basements, garages, enclosed porches, or patios. The Endless Pool is ideal for swimming, water aerobics, aqua therapy and fun.

Measuring just 8'x15', the Endless Pool provides all the benefits of a full-size pool in a fraction of the space. With the nation increasingly focused on health and fitness, the Endless Pool provides the key to fitting exercise around a busy life. The Endless Pool's smooth, non-turbulent current is ideal for swimming, aquatic exercise and rehabilitation.

It's wonderful to be able to swim in our own conservatory, and then get out and have breakfast and fresh orange juice on the table behind us," commented Derbyshire Endless Pool owner since 2002, Stephen Hickling-Jones. "The Endless Pool takes very little time to maintain and we love the idea of being able to swim any time during the day."

The Endless Pool arrives in kit form, fitting through standard doorways and stairways making installation possible in spaces such as basements, garages or conservatories. The design also makes it suitable for installation indoors, outdoors, above ground, partially in-ground or completely in-ground.

It takes just a few minutes a week to maintain the Endless Pool, keeping water crystal clear. A copper and silver purification system reduces the need for chlorine by over 80 percent making it virtually odor free, even indoors.

The Endless Pool is a versatile swimming machine that features an adjustable current that allows you to swim or exercise in place. The current is broad and deep, and is suitable to every swimming ability and fitness need. Our "treadmill for swimmers" is great for aqua aerobics, hydrotherapy, and relaxation. To experience limitless possibilities within the confines of a limited space, contact us to receive a Free DVD or Video!


A great solution for existing poolowners to help you train more effectively whatever the size of your swimming pool. Why not contact them to find out more :

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