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Health food shop directory

If you would like to add your health food shop to our directory then use our form below. Alternatively if you would like to update your listing and add a website and email address, please use the list below.

If you would like to look at postcode based local ads (Featured ads at the top of the directory results in your area) please click here

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With our site gerenating over 3,400 searches for health food shops last month, when someone looks in your area, they'll have a chance of seeing you!

A one off fee of £50 + VAT (£8.75)** ensures you are always included in our directory and across our network***. What you get is:

Business listing :

• Company name
• Full contact address & telephone number
• Website & email address
• Location map

* Monthly searches in Feb 2008
** We reserve the right to charge a further admin fee of £30+VAT if details change
*** Our network includes UK sites as will be detailed at all times in our traffic section

Where can I see myself?
Your business listing appears in the search results for health food shops when users search on your town or your postcode. With a postcode search, only the nearest 30 shops can appear at any one time.

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In order to get your business listing with thefitmap.co.uk, please complete the form and then click the Submit button.

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All changes are made free of charge during the first month of the listing, after which any changes to your listing will be subject to an admin fee of £30.00 + VAT




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