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Cost per click advertising

What is Cost Per Click?

In a nutshell, you pay a fixed fee for every click from our site to yours. Simple as that. You don't pay if people don't click through to your site.

We can place these ads against keywords, ads in our search results, banners or even words within copy. Unlike other Cost Per Click programmes (for example Overture/YSM or Google), we only allow one advertiser per keyword or keyphrase at any one time. Pricing for the keyword is reviewed each month based on other enquiries and demand.

How does it work?

  1. Decide on what keyword(s) or keyphrase(s) you want to 'lease' within the site e.g. 'slimming' and 'slimming pills'
  2. Decide what type of ads you want to associate the CPC with
  3. Complete the order form with the term(s) and ad type you require
  4. Put in your budget requirements
  5. Decide on length of campaign
  6. Submit for evaluation by our team

Providing all terms and phrases relate to your company and it's products and are also not already taken, then we will set up within our system and provide you with tracking and reminders based on your campaign requirements and your budget. For this advertising we require payment upfront by Credit Card or cheque.

What about fraud?

The first question that we get asked. We have sophisticated monitoring on all our clicks to remove innocent duplicate clickthroughs as well as fraudulent ones.

Is their a minimum commitment?

Yes there is a minimum commitment regardless of the advertsing you take out with us. The minimum is £150+VAT. This ensures that our time spent setting up the campaigns and getting them running is covered should you choose to do no further advertising.


There is a complete range of prices available - all dependent on the keyword that you want to target. For example "slimming" would be priced between £0.80 and £1.00 per click dependent on the length of time and budget that you are willing to commit to - whereas "slimming magazines" as a keyword would be £0.20 to £0.30 due to less occurences of the keyphrase and less competition to 'lease' the term.

Next steps:

In order to apply for Cost per Click advertising please complete the form below with your keywords that you would like to 'lease'. One of our representatives will then call you back.

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