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Acne prone skin

If you have lived through your teenage years, adult acne can still be distressing. During most people's teen years acne prone skin is the norm, however this usually fades with age.

Unfortunately, for some people, read Adult acne here, acne prone skin is actually a grouping that describes their usual type. For these people, the struggle with frequent eruptions and inflammations continues into adult years, and often lasts a lifetime.

People with the acne prone skin type often have oily, red looking faces, slick in appearance, with large, easily clogged pores. They will suffer frequent breakouts of eruptions called Comedones.

Many people with this skin also could be classed in the Oily grouping. The major causes of acne prone skin are an oily complexion, an excess of bacteria living on the skin's surface, and the hormone levels of the individual. One particular hormone called Androgen is found in particularly high levels in people with this type of complexion. Despite popular belief, the quality of hygiene is not a factor in the development of Comedones, through good hygiene can help by reducing the quantity of oil on the face.

Comedones are caused when an over-productive glands beneath the surface of the body produce too much of a fluid called Sebum, which is meant to keep the body hydrated.

The excess production means that pores become large, and easily clogged. Clogged pores become breeding grounds for bacteria living on the body's surface. The clogged pores can become infected and develop into various types of skin eruptions, such as whiteheads, blackheads, rash-like pimples and cysts.

This kind of complexion can be particularly destructive to an person's self esteem, self-confidence and emotional state. However, with proper education, people with this type or grouping can learn how to minimize breakouts and lead a regular lifestyle!



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