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Causes of Rosacea

A skin condition that leaves people red faced or flushed. The causes of Rosacea are due to the dilation of tiny blood vessels just beneath the skin's surface.

This dilation can cause chronic inflammation of the skin on the forehead, cheeks, chin and nose. Though we understand that the dilation is the problem, there has been no conclusive proof as to what might cause this, so the root causes of Rosacea remain a mystery.

There are many theories as to what might be the root causes of Rosacea and potential reason include irregular secretions of certain glands called the meibomian and sebaceous glands. Without the proper level of secretions, sufferers can experience eye dryness and a condition called Keratitis.

Another potential reason is a gastric disease called Helicobater Pylori Bacterium. A further potential cause of rosacea is speculated to be a surplus of tiny mites that live on the skin's surface.

Lastly, researchers speculate that the illness could be genetic. Although the specific trigger that brings on the first instance of the illness is unknown, doctors do recommend that sufferers avoid certain substances and states that have been known to exacerbate the condition. These include hot beverages, alcohol, stress or emotional duress, anger, strenuous exercise, prolonged exposure to sun, and extreme temperatures.



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