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Eczema treatments

Once you or your child has been diagnosed, what eczema treatments are available to you and where can you seek advice that will help you to combat the irritable dry skin?

This condition is very manageable and there are a wealth of eczema treatments available to you from homeopathic eczema creams through to prescription based steroid creams. Most eczema treatments will vary according the severity of the case, and also take into account any complications the sufferer may be experiencing.

One of the most common of the eczema treatments is the use of steroids. Because of the strength of steroid medications, they are not recommended for use on children unless ansolutely necessary.

On adult patients, steroids are usually prescribed for use for only a few days a week over a couple of weeks for treatment of acute atopic dermatitis. Patients are reviewed regularly for possible side-effects.

Because of the ever present possibility of infection, antibiotics and antimicrobial ointments are also often prescribed. In addition, moisturising ointments are required to keep the often dry skin hydrated. Be careful to use oil-based rather than water-based products which are less likely to contain preservatives. Steer clear of products with fragrances, which irritate, and soaps or detergents, which can be drying. Avoid hot baths, over-heating and sweating, as these things are known to trigger the itch-scratch cycle. Apply ointments immediately after a bath or shower.

Sufferers of atopic dermatitis often have trouble processing fatty acids, so supplements may be required. The condition can also be aggravated by food allergies, so it's important for patients to be tested. Stress is also known to be a trigger.

If you suspect you, or someone you know may have this condition, be sure to consult your doctor before attempting any kind of treatment. Incorrect treatment may result in worsening of the condition.



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