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Founded in 2010, Maxifuel is part of the UK's leading Sports Nutrition Company, Maximuscle (formed in 1995). In contrast to Maximuscle which is focussed on supporting the needs of gym and physique trainers, Maxifuel delivers over 20 research proven sports fuel products for endurance athletes such as runners, triathletes and swimmers.

Maxifuel has been designed to cater for the needs of every active man or woman and is dedicated to producing safe, great tasting and science supported drinks, capsules, bars and gels. Since launching in 2010, Maxifuel has rapidly become very popular with the whole spectrum of athletes, from fitness junkies to fun runners and professional athletes in the elite arena.

So, if you're involved in any form of endurance exercise, from hiking up mountains to going for Gold at the Olympics, Maxifuel and Maxifuel.com can help.

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First Impressions

Although Maxifuel products can be purchased in various shops and online websites, Maxifuel.com features exclusive product discounts as well as an excellent range of free training information, including articles, guides, blogs, elite Ambassador interviews and videos. The homepage is easy to navigate and leads you through to your specific goal - Focus, Energy and Recovery.

One big benefit of Maxifuel is they live what they preach. The don't just try and sell athletes quality products - they are truly passionate about helping to improve your performance, whatever your passion. So, the wealth of free information, Maxifuel sponsored events and real-life blogs is a real bonus.

Another benefit of Maxifuel is they really are about the little guy, in addition to the Olympic level athletes who use their products.

Services and Products

Maxifuel's 20 plus products are designed to help any active person boost their endurance training and performance in events and sport. The three ranges have been formulated using research and are based on whey protein and amino acids, carbohydrate blends and purified nutrients. Although it's very easy to locate the right products for your needs (thanks to an intuitive design) - you can also email or phone Maxifuel for expert advice and ordering.

Added Value

As a sister-company to Maximuscle and Maxinutrition, Maxifuel has excellent credentials and is supported by companies that have the reputation as being possibly the finest in the sports nutrition industry, in Europe and the UK. Maxifuel gains added value because every product is fully batch-tested for purity, in contrast to most products on the market.

Maxifuel also produce high quality training plans for free and send out an excellent feature rich catalogue. New for 2011 is Maxirewards, a classic loyalty points scheme that can save regular customers a lot of money.

One new feature worth noting is Maxifuel competitions - a nice touch that lets Maxifuel users enter cool competitions and win a host of free stuff from sports watches to Xbox gear!

Ultimately, if you're serious about fitness training, endurance sport and beating your best - Maxifuel.com should definitely go on your 'favourites' tab.


You can visit Maxifuel at Maxifuel.com or phone or email for specialist help with your goals......

Email: customerservices@maxifuel.com
Web: www.maxifuel.com

Tel: +44 (0)1442 418520
Fax: +44 (0)1442 418501

Open: 9am - 6.00pm Monday to Friday

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