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HSA Insurance

HSA Insurance

HSA Insurance

Since 1922, HSA insurance has been helping individuals, families and organisations to access affordable healthcare. And because HSA insurance is a mutual organization, their members are a part of everything.

What they offer :

HSA insurance are part of the Simplyhealth Access group of companies, and are able to provide a range of different plans to meet your needs. HSA insurance offers plans including:

  • Health Cash Plan
  • Dental Plan
  • Private Medical Insurance
  • Chiropractic Plan
  • Osteopathy Plan

The last two will be particularly welcomed by those who prefer alternative, non-invasive forms of treatment, as these are usually not covered by traditional health insurance companies.

Are they worth while?

Any health plan relies on both the efficiency of the insurer, and the coverage provided. You are therefore recommended to compare any health plan with the competition. In particular you need to compare the monthly cost of the premiums, any deductibles or co-pays, and the range of treatments available to you under the plan.

The addition of a chiropractic and osteopathy option certainly sets this coverage apart from many others, and will be particularly attractive to many people.


This organization has been in business since 1922, a full 26 years before the NHS was founded, so they have a long reputation of service. With some innovative programs, they offer a good alternative for those considering private health care insurance.

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