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Health & fitness venues

Featured: Training Station

Located in the heart of Beaconsfield and Fulham , the Training Station is a fitness facility and equipment shop that was launched in 2004,as a leading health and nutrition consultancy.

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Within this section we offer a brief guide to the different types of fitness venues that exist in the UK and the services that they offer. Discover more about new UK health & fitness venues with our specially featured locations around the UK.

Many different venues now offer conference facilities to corporate clients; from purpose built buildings, to universities, to old stately homes. On the otherhand, spas are unique venues as they have existed in the UK for over two thousand years, being well known and well used by the Romans. Find out what facilities modern spas offer.

For those who want to get and stay fit, there are over 6,000 health clubs across the UK and over 30 leading UK health club chains. For people who cannot afford, or do not want to pay, the fees of a gym Leisure Services are provided by a city council for those on low incomes. If you want to follow in the footsteps of the immortal Footloose, Dirty Dancing or Flashdance, we have a range of dance studios that will help you do anything from tap to the tango. It's a simple way to keep yourself busy!

Health & fitness venues

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