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Travel insurance

When planning any kind of long distance trip, take out travel insurance! Whether travelling on a long haul flight, by train or by road - there are always associated risks. Travel Insurance will cover the policyholder against certain types of risk before departure as well as during the trip.

Each Travel Insurance policy will cover the consumer for varying amounts for different kinds of disabilities that may be incurred during the journey. Payments are normally made in the event of death, loss of limb, loss of sight and many other more minor injuries. Companies will normally provide their customers with three different levels of cover dependent on where the customer is going to - within the UK, Europe or Worldwide. Obviously the further afield the policyholder goes, the more expensive the premium. Basic cover is often supplied free of charge by credit card providers and holiday firms. But this type of cover has to be checked, as in most cases free cover is not as comprehensive as bespoke policies.

A relatively new way of buying this product has been introduced recently. Customers are generally asked to purchase either Single-Trip cover or Multi-Trip. As its name suggests Single-Trip covers the one specific trip the policyholder is making. For people who generally just have the one holiday a year it is normally the cheapest and most fitting option. Multi-Trip is for the more committed international jetsetter. These policies last for one year and cover the policyholder for all the trips they make over the course of that period. This kind of cover can then be renewed annually if necessary, meaning the policyholder can then be sure of sustained coverage. Many independant companies now offer this particular service to their customers. Historically it was mainly something that Banks and Building Societies offered, but now most financial institutions will offer some form of protection.




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