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Used exercise bike

Buying a used exercise bike can be a great way to get an effective piece of home workout equipment at a budget price. When shopping for a used exercise bike there are a number of factors you need to consider. The first is whether you want an upright or recumbent used exercise bike. This will be a matter of comfort, space and budget. Recumbent models are typically more comfortable, take up more space, and will be more expensive.


These same considerations will come into play whichever models you start looking up. Your primary questions should be:

  • Size: This may determine whether you need to stick to a small upright model, or whether you can look at some of the larger electronic models.

  • Price: There is a huge variation in price between the basic models and the top of the line ones. You can pick up a basic model for as little as ?20 through your local paper, or pay up to ?2000 for the top of the line programmable models that you might see at the gym. Bear in mind also that basic models will need little or no maintenance (a little lubrication from time to time) while the high end models, with their electronics and programmes, can require costly maintenance and repairs.
It's essential that you do some research. Ask people at your local gym for their recommendations, or check out reviews such as Consumer Reports. In addition to your local paper you could also check out local equipment retailers. There are advantages to buying from a fitness equipment dealer - you can test the machines properly, compare different models, and they will offer a warranty and service contract.

Ultimately, the right machine is the one that you actually ride, so be sure to thoroughly test any model to be sure that you are comfortable and will enjoy using it.





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