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Beauty salons in Manchester

Finally a quick way to find all the beauty salons in Manchester - thefitmap.co.uk. With hundreds of listings dedicated to hair, nails, tanning or massage treatments, comparing beauty salons in Manchester is no longer going to be a difficult proposition. Whether you are after taking a friend or just moved into the area, use our location search to make life simpler.

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Central Manchester College of Beauty & Complimentary Therapy
6th Floor 49 Piccadilly, M1

Tel: 0161 236 7181
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10-14 Hilton St, M1

Tel: 0161 236 1401
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Recapture Medical Aesthetic Salon
1st floor 37 Bloom St, M1

Tel: 0161 236 3966
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Nail City
72 Portland St, M1

Tel: 0161 228 2088
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Nails Inc Ltd
within Debenhams, Market St, M60

Tel: 0161 839 9663
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Seville Clinic
1st floor Parting of the Waves, 127a Oxford Road, M1

Tel: 07793 711487
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City Nails
63 Brown St, M2

Tel: 0161 834 3007
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Beverly Hills Nail Company
Voyagers Walk, Arndale Centre, M4

Tel: 0161 839 1499
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Saks Hair & Beauty
Unit Ur5, Centre West, G74

Tel: 0115 947 2467
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Academy Spa
The Printworks, 27 Withy Grove, M4

Tel: 0161 832 4369
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