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Beauty salons in Edinburgh

If you really want to spoil someone, why not look for beauty salons in Edinburgh and then book them an apppointment. COmpare prices and treatments for a complete range of beauty salons with our simple listings. From specialist salons to more general venues, you'll be able to find it with the the help of thefitmap.co.uk.

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The Clarins Studio
John Lewis Plc, 69 St, EH1

Tel: 0131 556 7660
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Audrey Chrystal
Mosko, 17 North Bridge, EH1

Tel: 0131 557 6968
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Clarins Studio
within Jenners, 48 Princes St, EH2

Tel: 0131 226 4645
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Kristin Macleod
4 East Broughton Place, EH1

Tel: 0131 556 1082
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IGO Hair & Beauty
24 St Marys St, EH1

Tel: 0131 478 1334
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44 Broughton St, EH1

Tel: 0131 557 1687
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Chi Ltd
36 George St, EH2

Tel: 0131 226 4040
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Beauty & Image Studios
30 Abercromby Place, EH3

Tel: 0131 557 6969
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Montgomery Maxwell Nail & Beauty
8 Haddington Place, EH7

Tel: 0131 622 6663
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Camargue Beauty
51 Thistle St, EH2

Tel: 0131 226 4825
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