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Are you thinking you want to try a hair style that you've seen? Want to get some hair care styling questions answered? Well our new hair care questions section will soon bring you all the answers you need. With so much contradicting information out there, and celebrity locks that just make you want to try a hair style just to see, it's hard to know what to believe.

It's important to have the hair care styling questions for important issues, as well as more simple questions, so that you know you're looking after yourself in the way that you should. So for all the key hair care style questions, keep tuned to thefitmap.co.uk and we can provide you with the important truths you need to be able to make great health and lifestyle choices.

For a quick flavour why nbot check out some quick ones below - we will be adding more resources very soon :

Diet Affects your Hair's Health

Your diet has a lot to do with how healthy your hair will be. For healthy, shiny hair, make sure to include lots of calcium (two glasses of milk a day!) in your diet, and make sure you get plenty of foods rich in vitamins B,C and E. Iron in its natural form is also very important

High Stress Levels can cause Hair Loss

Learn to manage your stress levels! Stress releases adrenaline into the blood stream, but it also results in toxins that damage your general health and the effectiveness of your immune system over the long term. Prolonged exposure to stress can lead to dull and listless hair, and eventually to hair loss. In severe cases this will escalate to bald patches.

The health of your Scalp effects the health of your hair

Your scalp contains the hair's roots, which is the part of the hair strand that is alive. This means that how healthy your scalp is will be reflected in the quality and condition of your hair. When choosing shampoos and hair products, make sure they are compatible with your scalp type.

Premature greying can be brought on or accelerated by illness or poor diet.

Everybody goes grey with age, and how early you go grey generally has to do with genetics. The colour of hair depends on the amount of pigment granules in the cortex of the hair. The concentration of these usually dilute with age. However, some illnesses or deficiencies can cause granules to dilute prematurely. Some causes of this include:

  • severe emotional stress
  • thyroid related diseases
  • certain types of anaemia

If you seem to be greying unusually early it might be wise to visit a doctor.



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