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Multi vitamin supplements?

Do we actually need multivitamin supplements? Well, in an ideal world we'd all be in perfect health, exercise every day, and eat only the best prepared, freshest food available - so no need for multivitamin supplements then!

In reality, we rush from one place to another, cram in a workout between work and our other chores, and eat whatever is convenient, which is why we need multivitamin supplements.

By the time you consider the fast food we eat, and the foods we simply don't like, you realise how easy it is to eat a diet that is poor in certain essential nutrients. Our bodies are living organisms that need a constant supply of essential nutrients in order to generate new cells, ward off disease, and remain healthy.

When we take a multivitamin supplement it makes up for the nutrients we don't get from the foods we eat. If we are missing these nutrients we can build up deficiencies that can lead to all sorts of health problems - for example cardiovascular disease, problems with the immune system problems, even cancer.

Taking daily all in one is the simplest answer. There are hundreds to choose from in your local supermarket or health foods shop, any of which will help to ensure that you don't suffer from any major deficiencies. You can choose between those that offer only a small top up of the essential vitamins, others that provide 100% or more of most common vitamins, and also all round supplements that also offer essential minerals such as iron and calcium.



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