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Amino acids

Heard lots of talk down at the gym about amino acids and other protein supplements, and curious to know what the fuss is about? Bodybuilders need protein to produce muscle and amino acids are the building blocks of protein.

Learning about how amino acids and similar protein-based supplements can help build muscle is essential for anyone involved in a hard-core bodybuilding regime. So what can amino acids and protein supplements do for you?

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, and can be taken directly into the body in supplement form. This is a more direct route than waiting for your body to extract these building blocks from actual sources of protein from your diet. This means your body is better able to manufacture protein for use in your body, and adequate protein intake is essential for strength athletes. If you're not getting enough your body won't be able to create new muscle, no matter how hard you work out. The thing to understand is that when you lift weights, you create tiny tears in your muscle tissue. When your body repairs these tears, the scar tissue is what makes your muscles bigger and stronger. So when you body build, you are essentially forcing your body to repair itself constantly. Because body builders push their bodies so much harder than ordinary people, getting adequate protein through diet alone can be a challenge. That's why protein supplements were developed.

The best time to take a protein supplement is immediately after a work out - because that's when your body will need to start repairing the damage done, and in doing so, create bigger, harder muscles. If you're not sure which supplement to take, talk to a doctor or sports nutritionist about your personal needs.



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