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Honey & recuperation sports nutrition

There is more and more research focusing on diet for athletes. One area that is crucial is recovery - what foods can help your recovery, getting you ready for the next workout? One suggestion currently making headlines is honey.

Over the years, athletes have tried hundreds of different foods and supplements to try and gain an edge. Some are legal, some illegal, some common place, others rare and exotic. But have you ever considered honey as a high performance food?

Recent research suggests that maybe you should. Some of the claims made for honey as a sports performance food include:

  • When eaten during exercise it can enhance exercise performance
  • It may favourably alter the way the body burns fuel during exercise
  • When eaten with protein it can reduce exercise-induced muscle protein breakdown.
Honey is certainly packed with a fantastic collection of nutrients, including B-complex vitamins, amino acids and enzymes. In addition the fructose in honey provides sustained energy so your blood sugar doesn't 'crash' soon after you eat it. So how effective is it as a recovery food?

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