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For those who want to get fit but can't always get to the gym, fitness videos can be a good alternative. Not convinced?

Working out with fitness videos can have many advantages as you will see from our tips below:

Advantages include:
  • They can save time - no need to leave home to work out.
  • You work out at your convenience, rather than someone else's.
  • You work out in the privacy of your own home.
  • It can be like having your own personal trainer or instructor at home.
  • It's cheap. Most fitness videos are in the ?10 - ?30 price range - cheaper than a series of classes at a health club.
  • Good for travelling. You can pack one in your suitcase when you are away from home.

Of course they aren't for everyone. Some people need the motivation and social aspects of a health club or class. But even for these people, an exercise DVD makes a good back-up when you can't keep to your usual routine. There are numerous options available - step, jump rope, yoga, Pilates, muscle sculpt, kickboxing.

How do you choose the right one?
  • Think about your goals. Do you want to build endurance? Increase strength? You don't want to end up with a gentle yoga workout if your goal is a sweaty, aerobic session. Look at the box. There should be a description, and hopefully a breakdown of the segments - for instance, how many minutes for warm-up and cool down, cardio or aerobic work, abdominals, etc.
  • Stick with respected instructors who have made names for themselves within the industry.
  • Talk to others - friends, neighbours, or people at your health club who use them or are familiar with the best instructors.
  • Consider the space or any special props required. Do you have enough space in your home to perform the workout?
  • Try before you buy - rent some from your local shop.


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