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Standard Life Healthcare

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Standard life health care

A financial giant, Standard life health care is part of a group that manages assets in excess of £150bn for over 1.5 million shareholders. In all they operate in over 50 countries, and have in excess of 6.5 million customers.

What they offer :

Standard life health care offers a variety of different plans to suit different budgets. The Standard life health care plans include:

  • The Primecare Range:

    This is a comprehensive personal healthcare insurance which allows you the safety net of paying for some private treatment yourself, plus the reassurance of cash when you fall ill.
  • The EspritHealth Range:

    Designed for the over 55s, this is a more cost-conscious plan which offers comprehensive medical insurance when you really need it.
  • Choices:

    A high excess healthcare plan for those who are funding their own private individual healthcare. It ensures that you are never exposed to unlimited medical bills.
  • Health Cash Plans:

    Highly affordable, Health Cash Plans provide you with cash for routine medical bills, yet cost just a few pounds per week.

Is this value for money?

As with any form of insurance, it is vital to read the small print. Insurance is always a trade off between monthly premiums, deductibles, and level of coverage.

However, with the variety of plans offered by this company, there is a good chance that you will find a plan that suits your budget and your needs.


One of Britain's better known insurers, this financial powerhouse offers a range of health plans that will suit most people looking for health coverage.

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