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Creative advertising

Creative options (Banners, interstitial, flash, peel downs)

This type of creative is probably what most people are more used to seeing - it's the image-lead creative that often promotes large brands, niche product launches or charity marathons. However, increasingly they can be targetted to promote smaller businesses on niche websites like ours. We have Partnered with one of the most experienced Agencies in the UK - Aurasports - and they handle all this type of advertising for us.

Banners & Buttons

Whether you want to promote a new product sitewide, or just in one channel, consider Advertising images within the content area or on our right hand side column as a way of getting directly to our users. Good creative work does make a huge amount of difference for this type of advertising.

DHTML, Interstitial & flash

Good creative thinking with various different options for delivery. From floating ads across the screen to more discreet 'Peel down' tabs in the top right hand corner of the page, you can create a creative campaign to suit your budget and requirements for brand awareness.


This will depend on the length of campaign, the type of creative you want and the current inventory that the sites are already running. You can also choose whether or not go across our health & fitness network sites. Prices start from ?1,000+ and are designed to be for companies with slightly larger budgets.

What next?

Simply fill out the form below with all your details and then describe where you would like to appear in the site and in what format - one of the Aurasports team will then contact you back to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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