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Diet tips

We all want short cuts, and diet tips can be very helpful if you are trying to lose weight.

Of course no diets tips, however good they might be, can do the work for you, but the right ones might just make the difference on those days when motivation is low and the whole process seems difficult.

Here are our top diet tips:

  • Protein power: Research shows that protein stays in your stomach longer than either carbs or fat, helping you to feel full. Aim to include some protein with every meal.

  • Water: Water is a great help to anyone who is trying to lose weight. Not only does it contain no calories, but if you drink a glass before you start your meals, you will have less room in your stomach for food. In addition, it is essential for the body to metabolise fat.

  • Read the label carefully: Many people who are trying to lose weight simply don't realise what they are eating a lot of the time. Learn exactly how to read food labels, and know exactly what it is you're eating and why.

  • Keep a food diary: The research is clear - people who keep a food diary lose more weight than those who don't. So go on, write it all down.

  • Use smaller plates: One of simplest tricks of all, but remarkably effective nonetheless. Simply trade in your plates and bowls for something a little smaller and you'll find that you eat less.

Taken by themselves none of these are earth shattering - but pay heed to all of them and you could find your weight loss just got a little easier.




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