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Spa weekends

For a quick and relaxing escape, spa weekends are hard to beat. With the fast pace at which we live these days, the need to escape, even for just a few hours, becomes more and more pressing. Spa weekends are a wonderful way to escape the hassles and stresses of life without spending a fortune.

As a result of this demand for relaxing getaways, spa weekends have become more and more popular in recent years - spas have opened up all over the country catering for those who want a short, healthy weekend getaway.

That's good news for the consumer - it means that you will find something to suit your tastes, whether you prefer the buzz and amenities of towns and cities, or the quieter atmosphere of the countryside and the coast.

Not only are there more locations offering spa weekends, but as demand has increased, prices have fallen. So whereas this was once the preserve of the rich and famous, spa weekends are now something that anyone can consider, with prices to fit all budgets. Of course, you can still blow thousands on a spa weekend, but you can also find a variety of places offering much more reasonable prices, measured in the hundreds rather than the thousands.

Facilities vary widely from one location to another, so look around to be sure that wherever you choose to stay has the sorts of amenities and treatments that you want. Some of the options to consider include:

  • Beauty treatments :

    These are a staple of spa weekends, and include everything from facials to mud baths.
  • Therapeutic treatments :

    Relaxing and therapeutic, popular treatments include massage, hot stones, Reiki or other complementary treatments.
  • A pool :

    Most places have water treatments of various kinds, ranging from a lap pool through to a Jacuzzi, a steam room to a sauna.
  • Exercise facilities :

    Getting the body moving is a great way to burn extra calories, and will leave you feeling comfortably tired. Popular options include yoga classes, a gym, and attractive places to walk.
  • Meals:

    It's essential that there is a range of healthy, delicious meals to support the other activities.

There are many more possibitlies than this, with different resorts offering a different combination and a different style - in many ways it comes down to what you consider enjoyable. For some people luxury and pampering are essential if they are to relax, while for others a more rigorous approach - a boot camp even - is what they need to enable them to feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Where do you find these wonderful getaways? For most people the internet is the first choice when looking for travel and vacation deals, but don't forget to also look in the weekend travel sections of the national newspapers, or even call a travel agent - they are often aware of great deals that you won't find anywhere else.




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