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Treat the one's you love to a spa day in spring

Why not treat someone you love to a spa day this spring? Spa days are a great way to escape, an antidote to the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the chance to escape for just a few hours and completely chill out.

Spas have become increasingly popular in recent years - as people find daily life more stressful, so the need to find an escape increases, even for just 24 hours. Spa days fit neatly into this niche market.

You'll find spas all over the country that offer spa days. Whether your loved one prefers the business of towns and cities, or the more restful atmosphere of the countryside and the coast, there are hundreds of great choices available.

Of course, this is not a new concept - the Romans used to relax in the healing waters at Bath, while European resorts such as Baden-Baden have a history that stretches back centuries. But throughout history this has been a getaway that embodies the concept of luxury, and modern retreats are no different. They offer a place to go when you need to relax and unwind, to escape from the pressures of a stressful life.

With the growing popularity - and availability - prices have inevitably fallen. Ten years ago we tended to think of these resorts as the preserve of the rich or the famous, but the growing competition means that there are now places available in all different price ranges, making this a luxury that most people can now afford.

It still pays to shop around, however. Spring breaks can be good value, depending on where you go, but in general the same rules apply for finding a good deal that affect any type of holiday. The keys are:

  • Travel out of season - prices are always higher at certain times of year. Find out which areas are low or off-season during the spring
  • Compare prices - you will find huge price differences not only between different resorts, but even at the same resort. Shop around and don't take the first deal you see.

Facilities also vary widely, and you'll also find that different places offer different specialties. At some you might find that the emphasis is on beauty treatments, while others specialize in diet and detox. Some spas include rigorous exercise as part of the regime, while others aim for pure pampering.

How do you find deals? The internet is most people's first choice these days when looking for travel and vacation deals, but don't forget to also check the weekend travel sections of the national newspapers, or call a travel agent.




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