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Hydro therapy & massage

You do not need practitioners, as such, for hydro therapy and massage. All you need is a heated water bed with a unique flexible membrane that supports and hugs the body from all sides.

The bed is operated by the user with a simple, hand held programmer that lets the user determine the hydro therapy jet pressure, the heat and the parts of the body they would like massaged.

The hydro therapy water jets (warm water) move in circular motions under the flexible rubber membrane to massage the body from head to toe. This activates the metabolism and loosens up tense, stiff muscles to leave you feeling relaxed.

The soothing heat of water radiates into deep-seated layers of tissue. Blood vessels are dilated and the flow of blood stimulated. This combined with the controlled pressure of water truly invigorates the body.

Hydro-Jet massage offers a totally relaxing experience and general relief from back pain, stress and tense muscles. Through massage, an increase in blood circulation will help reduce cellulite, surplus fats and help in weight reduction.

Its beneficial effect is attributable to the unique combination of water, warmth and energy. The warmth of the water penetrates right into the deep layers of tissue. The flow of blood is stimulated and the entire body benefits from the carefully metered force of water.



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