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Do Hotels do good spas?

There are lots of hotel spas out there, but are they any good? If you are looking for a spa break, do you need to choose a dedicated spa, or can hotel spas offer a good experience?

The idea of hotel spas is certainly not a new one - in fact, hotel spas have been common in Europe for centuries. Spas were originally they were built around the healing waters of places like Bath or Royal Tunbridge Wells in England, or Baden-Baden and Marienbad in Germany, and hotels would feature the healing spas as an attraction for guests.

Many of these traditional hotel spas still exist, meaning that you can enjoy a taste of nineteenth century opulence in one of Europe's great traditional spa towns. These places can make for a wonderful escape.

However, you can also find hotel spas in a wide variety of other settings - the whole concept has moved on from the traditional spa towns to embrace the whole world.

One popular location for hotel spas is city centers. From Paris to Madrid, New York to Sydney, you will find modern spa hotels that combine all the benefits of a spa with the chance to escape to a great tourist location.

If traditional towns or busy city centers aren't your style, why not look for a getaway in the country, on the beach, or in the mountains? These are quieter locations, popular with those who enjoy the natural world, and want to combine their spa stay with some peace and quiet and fresh air.

Whatever type of location you prefer, any spa will stand and fall by the facilities, services and treatments on offer. In addition to choosing a location that you like, you also need to think about what is on offer.

When comparing any type of facility, you should look for a range of basic treatments and facilities including:

  • Beauty treatments:

    The most popular options are facials, mud baths, etc.
  • Therapeutic treatments:

    These are a wonderful way to relax and unwind. Popular options include massage, hot stones, Reiki, shiatsu, or other complementary treatments.
  • Water Facilities:

    Spas almost always feature water facilities - these can range from a simple a lap pool through to a Jacuzzi, steam room, or sauna.
  • Exercise facilities:

    Many spas encourage exercise - some have a gym, others might offer classes like yoga, or beautiful places to walk.
  • Healthy Food:

    Whether you are looking to lose weight or detox, the food should complement the other healthy options.

This type of vacation is a wonderful way to escape everyday life for a few days, and when you visit a hotel spa, not only will you be able to enjoy the spa treatments and facilities, you also get to be waited on and pampered throughout the day.

With a bit of research you can find a location and facilities that meet both your needs and your budget.



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