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Choosing a Spa

With so many, choosing a spa that is right for you is not as easy as you make think - especially if you don;t leave on top of one! How do know which one is right for you? Ultimately, choosing health spas online comes down to knowing what you want out of your visit and comparing what they each have to offer.

Health Spas vary widely in terms of the facilities they offer, so you need to review what the different options are. Some of the more popular choices include:

  • Beauty treatments (facials, mud baths, etc.)
  • Therapeutic treatments (massage, hot stones, Reiki or other complementary treatments)
  • A pool (this can range from a lap pool through to a Jacuzzi)
  • Exercise facilities (yoga classes, fully equipped gym, places to walk, etc)
  • Meals (low cal and healthy, detox, etc)

Another key consideration is location. There are spas all over the UK and indeed all over the world - where you go will be determined by budget, the time you have available, and of course your personal preferences.

Whether you look at the UK or overseas you will find spas in big bustling cities, smaller towns, and out in the country. Other choices include mountains or beach, warm or cold climates. This is a very personal choice, so the best route is to choose the general location first, in an area of the country where you want to be, then narrow down the choices.

Price is an issue for most people, so getting a good deal is important. With so many choices available, there is fierce competition, with many places prepared to cut their prices in order to compete effectively. How do you look for the good deals? Try the following routes:

  • The Internet:

    You will find deals both through consolidators or travel websites, and also direct from the vendor.
  • Travel agents:

    Many people forget about travel agents these days, preferring to do their own bookings online, but travel agents can still be a great source of information - they are full time professionals in the travel business and thus have their finger on the pulse, enabling them to track down deals that you might not be aware of.
  • Newspapers:

    Check out the weekend travel section in the major national newspapers for special offers and good deals.
  • Ask:

    If you know exactly where you want to go, you have nothing to lose by asking for a discount. Many places will offer unadvertised discounts if you just ask - during slower seasons it's better for them to have people there at a discount than be empty.

If price is important to you, you can increase your chance of success by being flexible on dates, being open to last minute deals, and being prepared to be flexible about where you actually go.



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