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New cosmetic surgery clinic in London

While celebrations aren't often associated with cosmetic surgery, West London experienced just that with the launch of Transform's new, modern Abbey Riverside clinic in Brentford, London.

This is the group's 22nd location in the UK, and the largest and longest-serving group of cosmetic surgeons in London and throughout Britain. Liz McClarnon, winner of Celebrity MasterChef, Nicky Hambleton-Jones of 10 Years Younger, and model Charlotte Mears as well as Chanelle Hayes and Marcus Akin of Big Brother joined more than 100 guests for the event.

During the event, the guests were treated to a talk with top personal stylist and experienced dietician Nicky Hambleton-Jones. Being a leading expert on image and beauty, she discussed style and beauty as well as other related topics before opening the floor for questions. Nicky was an inspiration and great source of encouragement for the guests, as she is for millions of men and women in the UK. At the root of her success is her strong belief that everyone can look and feel wonderful, with ease.

For Martina Maran of Feltham, the event also provided the opportunity for the experience of a lifetime when she won the night's prize drawing. She was thrilled to win and was definitely looking forward to claiming her prizes, which included a personal consultation direct from Nicky dealing with how to feel and look incredible with ease, as well as a ?500 certificate for non-surgical treatments from the Transform cosmetic surgery clinic.

Other entertainment at the launch celebrations included live demos of facial peels, wrinkle smoothers and fillers. Professionals from the popular local hair and nail salon Jeffery's also offered hair styling and the chance for freshly painted nails to all those who attended the event.

To complete the wonderful evening, each guest received a bag filled full of gifts, which included BioRepair toothpaste, Restalyne's after treatment eye masks, vitamin water and lip balms from the Body Shop.

Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group's Abbey Riverside clinic and hospital is the newest addition to the group's London portfolio of facilities, which includes cosmetic treatment and surgery clinics at Fulham and New Cavendish Street as well as Finchley. These clinics offer a variety of surgeries, treatments and procedures, including facelift and rhinoplasty surgery, breast augmentation, wrinkle and line smoothing, facial peels, dermal fillers and microdermabrasion.

The Transform Group currently consists of 22 clinics in the UK and has the honour of being Britain's most popular network of cosmetic plastic surgery professionals with 35 years in the industry.




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