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Health products

There are lots of so called health products on the market, but are they actually good for you?

The problem, as in so many other areas, is in sorting out those health products that are actually designed to improve your fitness and well-being, and those that are pushed on the market to make a buck off of gullible people. It is often hard to tell one from the other.

To help you figure out which health products might actually be useful to you, below we've added some simple guidelines to help you decide.

With new products coming to market everyday - if you follow our simple rules - hopefully you can weed out those 'great' ones that either won't work or will be downright harmful.

Read our simple guidelines here then why not check out our products sections for some ideas of the latest on the market :

  • Don't believe everything you read :

    Manufacturers often make outlandish and exaggerated claims - read between the lines and figure out what this is really likely to offer you.

  • Avoid buying drugs on the internet :

    There are all kinds of health and fitness related drugs available on the internet, usually at very low prices. But before you buy any drugs or pharmaceuticals via the internet, consider this - in tests, scientists found that over 50% of all drugs sold on the internet don't contain the active ingredients they claim, and up to 5% were dangerous or deadly.

  • Ask other people :

    One of the best ways to find out if something works is to ask other people. If friends, family, or people at the gym have tried something, get their feedback.

  • Use common sense :

    In the end it comes down to common sense - make an informed evaluation with your head, rather than buying something in the hope that it will work wonders for you.

The bottom line is that nothing beats regular exercise and a healthy diet - or why not see our wellbeing product showcases where we feature new products on the market?.




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