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Suspension training

If you are interested in working out at home, the TRX Professional Suspension Training system is what you are looking for.

The TRX uses your own bodyweight to create resistance as you train, meaning that you can get a great resistance workout at home without the need for any additional weights or equipment.

Suspension training is a highly effective way to train - it can help build muscular balance, improve joint stability, increase mobility, and build core strength. The result? You can improve your posture, perform better at your chosen sport, and reduce the risk of injuries.

One reason the TRX is so effective is that you can perform such a huge range of exercises - there are over 300 upper and lower body exercises you can perform, and a quick internet search will undoubtedly turn up dozens more.

In addition, you can vary the difficulty level of the different exercises allowing you to exercise at your own fitness level and make consistent progress. It is a very efficient way to work out, with a quick set up, and the ability to switch from one exercise to another in as little as fifteen seconds.

The quick switch from one exercise to another means that in addition to working on your strength, endurance and flexibility, you can combine exercises at speed to create circuit style workouts.

The TRX is also very portable - it weighs less than 1kg - so you can take it with you when you travel. Set up takes around a minute, and it stores in its own small bag. As a result you can train almost anywhere, at home, at the gym, in a playground, or on the road.

Unlike some products, it is very sturdy - the TRX uses industrial-quality construction with double stitched 40mm industrial-grade nylon webbing and easy-to-adjust CAM buckles and club-grade grips with integrated foot cradles for secure, comfortable training. The tensile strength is rated up to 560kg!

So who can use this equipment? Just about anyone. It is a very simple tool that can be effective in many different types of training. It can support Pilates style exercises, help anyone to develop their flexibility, and increase strength. More specific groups who might find this useful include anyone with rehab needs - expect to see these used extensively in physical therapy.

Set up and use is easy, with a laminated workout card and a DVD included when you buy the equipment, so you can quickly be up and running and getting a great workout.

For simple effective workout system that you can use almost anywhere, this is hard to beat.




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