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Livestrong exercise equipment

Have you tried this new CV range? This exciting range of Livestrong Exercise equipment has been released in November 09, making them the perfect Christmas gift for the fitness fanatic in your family.

Livestrong Exercise equipment is designed help all of us realize our potential, and harness the power to achieve, or even exceed, the fitness goals we set ourselves.

So what can you expect to find in Livestrong Exercise equipment? Of course, Lance Armstrong is known for his dedication and commitment, so quality is a must. All the Livestrong Exercise equipment is made in their dedicated manufacturing facilities, giving them full control over how they're designed and built. In addition, they will be offering some of the strongest warranties in the industry.

Finally, they will be providing quality in-home service, scheduled at your convenience, and only a phone call away.

Of course, as anyone who is familiar with Livestrong will know, when you buy from LIVESTRONG, you are doing more than just improving your health - you are also supporting the Lance Armstrong Foundation in its fight against cancer. In fact, purchases of Livestrong fitness equipment ensure that a minimum of £3 million will go to the Lance Armstrong Foundation and the fight against cancer. So what equipment is on offer? Initially there will be five items in the range:

Elliptical Trainers :

Elliptical trainers make a great choice of home workout machine. When you buy an elliptical trainer you are getting a machine that provides a smooth, non-jarring upper and lower body workout - it's a combination that's hard to match in any other piece of equipment.

In addition, because working out on an elliptical trainer elevates your heart rate and conditions virtually all areas of your body, they offer a near perfect combination of cardio and muscle toning. Buying an elliptical trainer for home use is thus an excellent choice for quality workouts. There are two models currently available :

7.9E Elliptical trainer, 9.9E Incline Elliptical Trainer

Treadmills :

For anyone wanting to exercise at home, a treadmill is an excellent choice. These popular cardio machines allow you to run or walk indoors, whatever the weather, whatever the time of day. They offer a consistent workout, with the ability to set speed and incline, which makes them great for those training for a race. In addition, you will find a range of pre-set workouts designed to help you lose weight or improve fitness.

There are three models available right now : 7.9T Treadmill, 9.9 T Treadmill and 12.9 T Treadmill.

It's likely that these will soon establish themselves as one of the top brands of home cardio equipment on the market, so take advantage of the opportunity to be one of the first to use them.

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