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Money Saving Tips - Beauty Products

With the economy continuing to be a problem for many people, money saving tips are always welcome - so this month we are looking at a number of money saving tips that will help you to spend lees on your beauty products while still getting the look you want.

Many cosmetics are relatively simple products, expensively packaged. It's a well known money saving tip that you can save a lot of money by avoiding the most heavily advertised products, and choosing simple, non-name brand alternatives.

One of the simplest ways to save money is to make your own foam hand soap - there are lots of articles on the internet explaining how to do it, it's simply a combination of water, a bit of soap, and a few drops of essential oil.

Another great tip is to regularly wash your make-up brushes - not only is this better for your skin (more hygienic) it will also make them last longer. And when it's time to replace a make-up brush, use this insider's tip - buy art brushes at craft stores for a fraction of the cost of those sold as make-up brushes. The quality will be the same, only the price will be different!

Foundation is the basis of most women's beauty regime, but you can save money here without giving up your favorite product. Whether you use liquid, powder or mineral foundation, you will need to apply much less of it if you apply a base before putting your foundation on. A base is much cheaper than the actual foundation, and will help you to use much less actual foundation.

Body lotions are popular with most women, but not all body lotions are created equal. Products with words like "illuminating," "firming" or "age-defying" will jack up the price considerably, but probably won't make a significant different to your skin. Moisturizing regularly with a basic moisturizer is sufficient for anyone who doesn't have serious skin issues.

By thinking a little about the products you use, you can save a considerable amount of money while still looking beautiful!




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