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Nutrition bars for energy

Just what do you know about nutrition bars really? As an energy food, they combine high protein with low carbohydrates, but are they worth the money? Nutrition bars can be found at supermarkets and in racks at most Off-Licences.

They're easy, convenient food that's got a reputation for being good for you. But the connection between nutrition bars and nutritional energy sources is not as straight-forward as you might think. Often these supposedly healthy supplements have as much fat content or are as devoid of vitamins as your average candy or chocolate bar.

Further, sometimes the connection between nutrition bars and good nutrition is geared more towards supplementing the diet of marathon runners or serious athletes than the average consumer, meaning you'll end up with more carbs, protein or glucose than you actually need. So what is the truth about energy bars and nutrition? If you're looking to make a purchase, read the label to make sure you know what you're getting.

Many of these supplement snacks are high in protein, but are unfortunately also high in fat. Because they are low in carbohydrates they tend to read low for calories, making you think they're low fat. But the carbs are generally replaced with glycerine, which can get stored as fat in your body if you're not burning it fast enough. This is okay if you're planning to go running for two hours, but if you're just a casual exerciser, it could sabotage your weight loss efforts.

Check for sugar content. These supplements often contain fructose, which is sweeter than glucose, but isn't as easy for your muscles to use, meaning it can be stored as fat.

Lastly, don't be taken in by the idea that cereal snacks from breakfast cereal companies are healthy. Many of the packaged breakfast replacements or snacks are very high in sugars and fat while being low in fibre. This means they're not really much better for you than eating a chocolate bar or gooey pastry. Also, despite the idea that cereal snacks are healthy, they often don't have much in the way of vitamins or minerals.




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