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What is GetFit Nutrition?

GetFit Nutrition is the award winning online weight loss and healthy eating programme with a very important difference, it costs as little as £2.29 a week*.

Developed by leading nutritionists, dietitians and other health professionals, our award winning service provides a healthy balanced diet eating programme specifically designed around you.

We won't provide you with strict meals plans and we don't tell you what you can, and can't eat when you join. We leave you to choose what you eat as our experts understand that everyone is different and the one-size-fits all approach won't work in the long run.

GetFit Nutrition Takes a Balanced (Diet!) Approach

You'll get a healthy eating programme designed to help you reach your ideal weight, as well as stay fit and healthy.

We ask you about your lifestyle, weight, health and wellbeing goals and then develop a highly personalised healthy eating programme designed to help you achieve them.

There are no strict diets to follow; instead you'll learn how to introduce small healthy changes to the way you eat.

Plus when you join you can choose from over 500 practical 'Healthy Habits' that have been designed by our dietitians, nutritionists and health psychologists specifically to support you, so you can be sure you're getting the expert advice you and your health deserve!

If you've seen enough, then simply » join today for just £2.29 a week or check out the other pages here to get a better flavour of what we can offer you.

* 1 month subscription required at £9.95 but unlike many competitor services no minimum sign up period is required to join GetFit Nutrition!




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