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Yoga breaks

Need to get away from it all? A yoga break may be just the ticket. Think about it - where else could you so completely unwind, reach such a state of relaxed bliss, and feel good about it?

Yoga breaks offer the best of both worlds - all the delights of a good holiday (great setting, meet other people, relax and unwind), but without the drawbacks of the usual beach and booze getaway.

Yoga breaks come in all shapes and sizes - from a quick overnight to recharge the batteries, through to a complete week away - time enough to completely relax, detox, and learn a variety of new poses.

The list of locations is fantastic - European destinations include Southern Spain, Italy, and the Greek Islands, while if you fancy something more exotic, you can choose between Turkey, Tanzania, and even New Zealand.

It's important to check what level the actual sessions will be pitched at - whether you're a beginner or a more advanced practitioner, getting into an inappropriate level will ruin your holiday.

Most places offer other services which complement the main classes - everything from Reiki and massage through to walks and meditation sessions. And of course, with such a holistic focus, the food should be a healthy mix of organic and vegetarian. So if you're ready to unwind, this might be just what you're looking for.




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