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Holistic Therapist in Coventry

Coventry has two universities, the University of Warwick and Coventry University. Whether you're studying here, working here or just visiting, find holistic therapists in Coventry using thefitmap.com. Don't miss out on all the city has to offer, and if you're searching for holistic therapists in Coventry, just input the postcode or the town's name.

The city's most famous legend involves the saucy Lady Godiva, who is said to have ridden a horse through the streets stark naked save for her long hair. She was protesting against her husband Leofric, who had raised the taxes of the city. There is a statue of her in the centre of Coventry. Motor and cycle manufacturing has been important to the city since 1896, and the Jaguar company still has a factory and headquarters here. London's black cabs are also produced here by LTI. Sadly during World War II large parts of the city were destroyed by bombs. The cathedral was rebuilt and opened in 1962. Benjamin Britten wrote his War Requiem to mark the opening. Famous residents of Coventry have included Philip Larkin, Nigel Hawthorne, Clive Owen, Pete Waterman, Mo Mowlam, The Specials, and further back, George Eliot. Find new ways to be healthy right now with thefitmap.com.




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