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High Blood Pressure Cause

There are various different factors that can be labelled as a high blood pressure cause. Learning what they are is your first step to preventing this condition.

The first high blood pressure cause is a high sodium intake. Individuals who consume diets that are very high in salt are much more likely to experience hypertension, particularly if they don't balance this high intake with a similar high intake of potassium.

For those who are consuming a high sodium diet and are not currently suffering from hypertension, it would be a good idea to invest in some salt replacement products (products that taste like salt but rather then being sodium chloride are actually potassium). This will help to better maintain their sodium-potassium pump balance and help to offset some of the potentially negative effects that may be seen (although obviously a better approach if possible is to just reduce overall salt intake from the diet).

Another high blood pressure cause is being overweight. Generally the more you weigh, the harder your body is going to have to work to pump blood all around it which will therefore increase your reading.

Another important factor to consider is stress levels. Individuals who on average lead a very stressful life are much more likely to see signs of hypertension. For them, the best thing they can do is look into methods to reduce their stress such as a good relaxation program or potentially doing some journaling. Often this will help to uncover hidden things they may have been stressed about but didn't exactly realize.

Lastly, individuals who do not participate in much physical activity will also put themselves at a higher risk for suffering from hypertension. Physical activity is a great way to help improve your condition if you already have this as well as help reduce your risk for a variety of other diseases.




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