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High visibility clothing

For training in the dark, high visibility clothing is the only way to be sure that you are seen by motorists. Fortunately there's a wide range of high visibility clothing available to help you stay safe on your evening workouts.

When looking at high visibility clothing, choose something that is not only going to ensure you are seen (LED light strips are the best) but also that is light weight, breathable, and comfortable.

There's a variety of choices for being seen at night, among the most popular are:

LED Running/Cycling Gloves - Lightweight and easy to see, these running/cycling gloves have high visibility LED light strips to keep you safe when you are out at night.

LED Running/Cycling Vest - A lightweight vest is one of the best ways to ensure you are seen by motorists when you are out on your night time workouts. LED light strips give increased safety when road running or cycling after dark.

LED Arm/Ankle Runner - Perhaps the simplest way to ensure you're seen after dark is to wear an arm or ankle band with LED light strips. The ultimate in lightweight, easy to wear night time safety equipment.




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