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Eyelash tints

Improve the appearance of brows and eyelashes with eyelash tints. By adding colour to your eyelashes and/or eyebrows, make-up time is reduced, and a natural look, often preferred over mascara, is achieved.

Am eyelash tint is an ideal pre-holiday eye treatment for women, as it eliminates any worries of avoiding unsightly mascara streaks resulting from dips into the ocean or humid climates. However, both men and women, particularly those with fair hair, can benefit from the enhancement of the general appearance of eyes resulting from this procedure.

There are four colours available for a lash tint, that when mixed together, will produce the most flattering hue for you.

Lash tint procedure:

  1. Hairs are cleansed with a gentle eye make-up remover
  2. Skin around the area is protected
  3. Colour is carefully combed through the hair
  4. Colour sets over a brief amount of time
  5. Colour is removed

The entire procedure is quick and painless, and completely safe, as the dyes used are vegetable ones. As with other dying processes, to ensure that you do not have any sensitivity to the colour, it is advisable that a patch test be given 24 hours in advance of your treatment, by a qualified beauty therapist.

Eyebrows tend to fade quicker than eyelashes. Your colour will generally fade between six to eight weeks. Keep in mind that exposure to naturally bleaching elements will reduce the length of time between visits to a salon. To prolong the life of your new look, avoid chlorinated water, and prolonged exposure to the sun.



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