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Eyebrow shaping

A quick way to lift your eyes, eyebrow shaping eye treatments offer an inexpensive and non-invasive route to getting dramatic results. To define a new eyebrow shape you will inevitably need to use tweezers, bit the benefits include dramatically lifting the eye, balancing facial features and creating a cleaner line for make up application.

The most popular methods for eyebrow shaping are waxing and tweezing. Though it comes down to personal preference, the simplest method for dealing with more than a few stray hairs is waxing; some however, prefer the control of tweezing. Whichever your preference, remember that eyebrow shaping can be tricky. For this reason, many choose to have hair professionally waxed at a salon on a monthly basis, maintaining the look between salon visits, at home, with regular tweezing.

How to tweeze

  • Open pores with warm washcloth to make tweezing easier
  • Isolate the hair you are about to tweeze
  • Tweeze in the direction of the hair growth
  • Tweeze one hair at a time

Should you wish to attempt this facial treatment at home there are a few simple guidelines to follow. Your brow should follow the line of your brow bone, with the arch at its highest point at the outer corner of the pupil. By placing a pencil straight up against the side of the nose, you can easily determine where each brow should begin. To determine where each brow should end, hold a pencil diagonally from the outer corner of the eye, up to the brow bone.

The actual thickness of the brow is determined by personal preference. As you tweeze or wax, be sure to take a step back from the mirror to periodically examine your progress. Always alternate between brows, to ensure that they remain symmetrical. If you are uncertain about removing hair by sight alone, you can purchase specialty stencils from your local chemist, which will provide a convenient outline for you to follow.



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