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Eyelash perming

Having defined lashes will help to make the most of your features. Eyelash perming and curling is the latest in beauty treatments designed to accentuate your eyes to the full. Thought to have originated in France, in recent years eyelash perming has flourished in popularity, particularly in Japan.

This semi-permanent method for enhancing the eyes should only be performed by a certified professional with a steady hand. The procedure involves a series of several meticulous steps.

Eyelash perming guide:

  1. One of four sizes of rubber rods is selected. The bigger the rod, the looser and less dramatic the curl.
  2. Gauze is applied beneath the eyes. Eyes are kept closed throughout the treatment.
  3. Rod is glued to base of eyelid. A small amount of glue is applied to rod, and then lashes are carefully manipulated with a toothpick or cotton bud, until they are secured and curled over rod.
  4. Gentle eyelash perming agent, often in gel form, is dabbed on lashes.
  5. Lashes and rod are covered with plastic wrap for approximately 17 minutes.
  6. Then a neutralizer is applied for another 17 minutes.
  7. Followed by a conditioner for another few minutes.
  8. Eye make up remover is swept over rod and lashes to break up the glue.
  9. Rod is removed.
  10. Eyes are flushed out with distilled water.

Prior to your initial treatment, or you have a history of eye disorders or allergies, your esthetician may do a skin test first. The entire procedure generally takes around an hour, with results lasting between one and two months.

If, following treatment, you find the results too curly for your liking; you need not hide your head in shame. Rest assured that within a couple of weeks the curve will have relaxed. Other side effects may include a slight stinging around the eyes that can be treated by regularly lubricating with eye drops. Despite its growing popularity in salons, many ophthalmologists remain skeptical about the safety of this relatively new procedure. This eye treatment should only be performed by a professional esthetician whose certification for the procedure is visibly displayed in the salon.



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