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Think slim

Is it possible, as some people claim, to think slim and end up losing pounds? Does the old adage "mind over matter" work when it come to weightloss?

You may be thinking that the think slim philosophy sounds improbable,but how you mentally approach weightloss has a lot of bearing on how successful you'll be.

The think slim philosophy isn't about sitting around hoping for weightloss. Think slim is about being smart about your strategy.

  • Eat for taste :

    When we crave the taste of a particular type of food it doesn't necessarily mean we're hungry for it. We just want the initial flavour hit, which you satisfy in the first couple of bites. After that, the craving is cured. Have the first few bites and save the rest for later.

  • Make eating an occasion :

    Set aside adequate time for meals. Set the table, light candles, arrange your food pleasingly on your plate. All this serves to heighten the eating experience, and slow you down so that you can really enjoy your food.

  • Don't multitask at meal times

    If you are performing another task when eating, even watching TV, you're not listening to your body's signals and are likely to overeat.

  • Choose your food with an eye to quality

    The better quality your food is, the better it will taste, and the more satisfied you will be. Try smaller portions, but more flavourful recipes so that your body feels it's had an involved experience.

  • Take a breather before second helpings :

    Your body takes up to 15 or 20 minutes to send you the signal that it's full. If you wait before seconds, you'll allow your body time to communicate with you.

Let eating be a mindful experience, and you'll find you not only get more from your food, but you'll lose weight too!



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