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Firmer skin on your neck

As we get older, certain parts of our body show our age more than others - so how do you get firmer skin on your neck or make your hands look younger?

As with any part of the aging process, the best approach is preventative skin care. There are several simple steps you can take that will help you in achieving a firmer neck.

The most simple are all proven techniques for improving any area, but they will all help you in your goal of achieving a firmer neck:

  • Watch your weight :

    Avoid repeated or rapid weight gain and weight loss.

  • Regular exercise :

    Find an exercise programme that fits your lifestyle, and stick to it.

  • Have a healthy diet :

    A diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, and a minimum of junk food, will provide the nutrients you need to maintain your skin at its best.

  • Don't smoke :

    In addition to all its other drawbacks, smoking is bad for your skin.

  • Stay out of the sun :

    While many people love the look of a tan, it does terrible things for your skin. The more sun exposure you get, the more your skin will age.
However, if this area of your body is unsightly, there are a couple of options for improving the appearance. One is a system of face exercises - manufacturers claim that just as regular exercise benefits the body, their system can provide those same benefits for your face, restoring and maintaining a more youthful facial appearance by strengthening and toning the muscle groups in the face, chin and neck.

A more drastic alternative is a face/neck lift, an operation to tighten and remove loose and sagging skin, and improve the appearance of face and neck.



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